Monthly Archives: November 2014

12 writer’s tips!


1. Open up your mind – work for enjoyment, not obligation.
2. Be enthusiastic and have passion for your subject matter.
3. Always write things down, as soon as you think of them. Don’t assume you’ll remember it later.
4. Write bad and allow yourself to fail. This could become your first draft to a successful piece of writing.
5. Be messy. Use colour and paints etc to get you into a creative mood.
6. Keep a notebook next to your bed and pay attention to your dreams.
7. Read books about other authors to find out how they find creativity.
8. Listen to music. Listen to the words, feelings and also take notice of what imagery you see.
9. Learn a new technique such as a different genre or writing style – for all you know, you could be really good at it!
10. Get new gear, such as pens and notebooks that you really want to use!
11. Play the ‘what if’ game.
12. Look at old ideas, because if they weren’t good, then you wouldn’t remember them.

Writing for young people


I find writing for young people very difficult. I can write for young adults, but no younger than that. I have found a very helpful tip though. First you need to imagine yourself back when you were a child and think about things such as what was important to you at that age, challenges you faced and where you enjoying going on day trips. Then you write a starter paragraph and once you have finished, you go back through that paragraph and underline the words you didn’t know at that age. You’ll be surprised by how many you use!